Noble tartan

blue violet MNOB6701-01 Silk 100% 90cm X 90cm

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Noble tartan blue violet
Noble tartan blue violet We lay emphasis on its originality by putting medieval patterns, expressing tradition and dignity, and witty chain belt patterns on the check patterns which look more luxurious as they are not shown though they seem to be shown. By using the blue violet, which means success from old times and shows the ultimate in elegance, as a main color, we add dignity and formality to the original, witty style.
Noble tartan blue violet
Sewing From old times, sewing itself has meant spirit. Like sewing links fabrics, it was the mind of old virtuous men who linked neighbors with family members. The needlework of all minaz’s products is also the same. All minaz’s products go through the processes of careful and elaborate sewing to express our gratitude to the customers.
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