Minaz Point

For women’s beauty For life’s beauty

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Colors refined to the extreme
moderated decorations.
A beauty that results from the harmony between Nature and
Islamic glamor. Such are the values of items created by Minaz.

Our company has imbued in our products the Islamic value and philosophy,
along with a deep love of God, for Muslim women who know how to recognize the highest of values.

The light texture of silk material deserves to be dubbed the best product,
completed by a harmony between European ambience and Islamic glamor.
Minaz envisions true works of art with luxurious hues and sensuous touch, all the while striving with
the best of our efforts to produce items that contain the culture, history, values and philosophy of Islam.

  • Drawing
    Minaz Drawing Minaz’s biggest characteristic is its modern interpretation and design of Hangeul’s consonants and traditional patterns. Patterns on a scarf are drawn by handicraft, a long and delicate process necessary for obtaining a result true to the original drawing.
  • Eco-friendly Silk
    Minaz Drawing Our superb material extracted from silkworm cocoons boasts a beautiful natural shade. This surprisingly fine and soft fabric forms the fundamental basis of Minaz’s pride in quality.
  • Patterns
    Minaz Patterns Minaz’s scarves, designed in various ways to adorn the necklines of not just Islamic women but also women all over the world, makes possible the realization of beauty that captures females’ luxurious dreams and eyes.
  • Colors
    Minaz Patterns The source of inspiration behind Minaz’s scarf is a love of color. The beautiful colors adored by Minaz play a key role in our product’s appearance. The excellence of Minaz’s product began from a pure passion for women’s beauty.
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