Embroidery flower

pink beige HJEM7702-01 Silk 100% 108cm X 200cm

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Embroidery flower pink beige
Embroidery flower pink beige The floral embroidery and the laces’ details express maximal femininity and elegance. The model uses 100% natural silk material that brings out a print inspired by the oasis in the Middle Eastern deserts. The soft embrace of the silk material, along with a print that uses scintillating motifs, expresses God’s grace and glory. The combination of chic, elegant print and silk adds to the model’s elegance and luxury.
Embroidery flower pink beige
Sewing From old times, sewing itself has meant spirit. Like sewing links fabrics, it was the mind of old virtuous men who linked neighbors with family members. The needlework of all minaz’s products is also the same. All minaz’s products go through the processes of careful and elaborate sewing to express our gratitude to the customers.
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