Luxury Paisley

white black HJLU7705-02 Silk 100% 108cm X 200cm

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Luxury Paisley white black
Luxury Paisley white black Minaz’s own reinterpretation of geometric patterns and the natural feminine. An audacious heritage piece whose purple color actively expresses dreams and fantasies. Various circular details of the design combine with traditional Islamic patterns to form an item that multiplies the elegant and luxurious beauty of the Islamic female. The model uses extremely fine silk combed manually to bring out the contrast of impressive geometric prints. The soft touch and luster of fabric are results of the pressing and steam processing. 3. Cute roseㅡA product that maximizes the merits of soft, high-quality silk. The design, consisting of simple yet beautiful floral pattern motifs from the runway collection, causes an unexpected visual effect by printing a delicate and miniaturized pattern. Square designs brighter than the main color are added to the border to enhance the model’s intense and lovely impression. A design that uses simple and feminine print, the product uses an eco-friendly organic material.
Luxury Paisley white black
Sewing From old times, sewing itself has meant spirit. Like sewing links fabrics, it was the mind of old virtuous men who linked neighbors with family members. The needlework of all minaz’s products is also the same. All minaz’s products go through the processes of careful and elaborate sewing to express our gratitude to the customers.
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