May rose

wine HJMA7704-01 Silk 100% 108cm X 200cm

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May rose wine
May rose wine A silk square scarf inspired by the symbolism of the rose and other flowers beloved by Minaz, this model purports to reinterpret the rose symbol. It harmonizes the scattering wind, the rose, its leaves, and the border’s squares to demonstrate a stylish silhouette. This model is an audacious heritage piece that will express the Islamic female’s desires and fashion. Runway-style floral patterns and laces complete the model’s light design. The scarf is made from 100% natural silk material, with the outstanding contrast of the glamorous floral print. Details that reinterpret the Islamic patterns are particularly appealing.
May rose wine
Sewing From old times, sewing itself has meant spirit. Like sewing links fabrics, it was the mind of old virtuous men who linked neighbors with family members. The needlework of all minaz’s products is also the same. All minaz’s products go through the processes of careful and elaborate sewing to express our gratitude to the customers.
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