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    Though I am currently working hard as CEO of PnT Co., Ltd.,
    I do not forget that I have always been a textile designer, Yun Mi-na.
    As I have worked as a textile designer for more than 30 years, I am confident that I have a wealth of experience,knowledge and knowhow.

    Since I was in college, majoring in textile design, I have worked in the field of designing with the idea
    that it is good for people to use my products comfortably and healthily.

    It played a role as a foundation on which I was evaluated as a designer who could make comfortable,
    beautiful products with both Korean-style and modern designs when I studied in Italy.
    Besides, through many years of business experiences with a big textile company,
    I have developed my ability to pursue the psychological factor of
    textile by developing new textile materials and utilizing processed materials.

    As more experiences and knowledge have been accumulated, mydesire of wanting to have my own brand has escalated.
    Finally,I founded PnT Co., Ltd. in 2006 and started to do business,
    producing textile for golf wear printed T-shirts on the basis of ODM.

    In 2014, I launched my own brand <minaz> which is gaining confidence and affection from many customers as I put master artisans’
    heart and soul into it with the belief that scarfs are works of art. In particular, The hijab of <minaz>
    in the Islam fashion is cementing itself as a perfect product which can pursue the beauty of women in Islamic societies.

    In the future, I will also make every effort to make our customers live a beautiful life, using <minaz> products.. In
    addition, I will focus on fusion research, eco-friendly products, and development of functional materials on the basis of new
    materials and do my best by making bold decisions without being afraid of new attempts and challenges.

    Since I founded PnT Co., Ltd., I have never forgotten the belief that fashion is an important
    means for women to express their thought and values, not just dressing well.